Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hopefully It Wakes

This race normally attracts a large field and you get a lovely atmosphere. The childrens races are first and there was a few notable performances from the Pennine young uns.
It was a very warm night but thankfully the cricket field had dried out enough to give ample parking. A couple of vehicles became stuck but plenty of fellrunners gave them a push out. No tractors required.
The race route is fairly straightforward and I know it, so no worries about taking wrong turns at this one.
The start was rapid and after doing two races at the weekend and two fairly hard bike rides this week and a long run I was struggling a bit. Mick Stenton was breathing down my neck and kept me pushing on really. You get a bit of respite around the back side of Win Hill in the woods and I started to feel a bit better. The climb starts again as you turn for home and its pretty steep but really all runnable to the summit top.
I was closing down on Dave Neil and Johnny Wilson and two other lads I dont quite know but they just topped out before me and I knew it would be hard to catch them.
I reeled in one runner but could not quite catch the others even though I went flat out down to Twitchill Farm. The next part is road so I lost my advantage a little bit and the positions kept the same to the finish.
I did try to sprint the runner in front but the finish funnel came all too quickly and that was that.
A nice chat with the tea ladies and a piece of flapjack was most welcome.
Some of the front runners went astray which slightly altered the placings.
I think I came 5th which was okay.
I slumped down at the end pretty exhausted. I really should try and rest a bit more before a race.
Although there is always Winster Fell Race tonight.
Kidding. No many fellrunners do three races a week.
I was only talking to one lad the other week who had done 85 races last year. Thats huge.
I do try and fit in as many local races that I can each year though. Without support they dont happen. Simple as that.
I threw a quid in the Mountain Rescue box as I drove out the car park.

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