Friday, 23 September 2011

Three Shires Fell Race

A trip up to the Lakes last week to do the Three Shires Race. Its a classic route taking in Wetherlam, Swirl How, Three Shires Stone, Pike O Blisco and then Lingmoor. It was very wet early on but 297 hardy fellrunners set off to do battle. I managed to keep fairly well up on the first climb which really set me well for the 2nd half of the race. I had a bit of a fall just after crossing Wrynose Pass when I fell on one of the flagstones early on the climb up to Blisco which put me off my stride a bit. I managed to run it off though and by Blea Tarn I was still feeling okay. Half Way up Lingmoor I realised I was having a strong run and would finish well. One thing that this year has taught me and the extra training that I have put in means I can finish races more stronger. This was always a problem I had before when I would struggle from about 3/4 of the way into a race. The descent off Lingmmor was rapid and I finished back at the pub in 6th place. A nice T shirt and some vouchers as a prize.

A brilliant Lakes race.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Graeme Obree

A quality night out to hear a talk from Graeme Obree. Ashfield Road club hosted it and I was impressed. All bikies know what Graeme achieved on a bike. Simply a class act. No one trained harder than Graeme and he defied the odds.
I quewed up to meet him and he gave everyone that asked him questions a good few minutes of his time.
He signed my copy of Rouleur. I asked him three questions and he answered them.

All in all a down to earth guy who has had his share of problems in his life. Battled through and come out the other side.
Turned his back on road cycling when told to comform to the correct preparation unlike some other high profile British Rider.
Much respect Graeme.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My set up

This is my little set up. The posts on the Tour Of Britain show how much goes into running a top cycling team. The set up is now huge. The smaller teams like An Post, Sigma, Motorpoint, Endura are fairly big but then you look at the likes of Leopard Trek, Rabobank, Sky, Cervelo etc and you see an even bigger difference.
The mechanics still do basically what I do to my bike.
Service and clean it and make sure it runs pretty smooth.
A nice day out to see some of the giants of the sport.

Tour of Britain

Tour of Britain


Tour of Britain

A visit to Stoke On Trent today to see stage 3 of the Tour Of Britain

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Chevin Fell Race

Tonight was the Chevin Fell Race. Its funny how it goes.
Last night I felt rubbish. My legs still ached from descending the Ben, but there wasnt a chance that I would miss the Chevin race at Milford. Its a two lapper but very fast.
My friend And fellow team mate Adam Perry also did the race and we set off very fast. Adam took the lead on the first climb and held it to the finish. I just could not quite catch him.
My comment to Adam at the finish after we blasted over the line. Please go and get some chips. Seriously though Adam is a quality runner and I was well pleased for him.
So a first and second for Pennine at the Chevin, thats maybe the first time thats ever happened.
A cracker of a race, will check my time at some point but that doesnt really matter. Brilliant organisation from the man that is David Denton.

These type of races to me are the life and soul of fellracing. Nothing fancy, just likeminded people doing what they love.
I say support your local races. The organisers deserve a huge amount of praise.
Long may these type of events continue.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ben Nevis Race

Well the months of training had been very hard. These last few weeks I had ramped up the training to a level that had me questioning what I was taking on. I have been asking a few of the top fell runners how much training they actually do. I set my plan last winter a to be fair it has paid off. I will never have the genes of a top runner but before I hang up my fell shoes I must be able to say to myself that I have given it 110 per cent.
I couldn't really do anymore training and having a job at the same time. So the hundreds of hours on the bike and on the hills will either pay off or not.
The Ben Race is the highlight of my year. 2 hrs of pain and suffering running up and down Britain's highest mountain.
I was aiming for a sub 1.50 time as last year this is what time I did on the nail.
So armed with my lucky penny in my bumbag I lined up and started the race.

I took it steady until the Red Burn as the previous races have taught me. You def have to save something for the descent on this one. I hand in the tag to the summit marshal and go, head down but no flat out yet. The cairn field speeds by and I actually let the two runners in front go away from me.
As soon as the steep rocky section starts I floor it. One or two dicey moments pass but I don't fall. In my head I have practised this a hundred times. The grass bank appears and I have already told myself that pain or no pain I'm blasting down it. All goes well and I am soon flying down the main walkers path. This year the road ha no fear for me as I'm so zoned out that all I see is the 30mph sign that I have told myself must get too on the road. After that its a quick run round the field and through the funnel.
1 hr 41 Min's and a few seconds.
Its taken five long years to get there and my best run at the Ben.

Basically the penny kept me safe.