Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I love you Robinson

The Newlands Horseshoe as I call it is one of the most brilliant fell races ever to be concieved. We have a lovely couple called Wynn and Steve to thank for that.
One problem is the climb out off Scope Beck and up to Robinson is a bugger. Steep as a ships mast and very hard. Ive tried every way up and there is no easy way.
Its a hard race with a bit of everything in it. Tough climbs, rocky and grassy descents, ridges, and views to die for.
This year was a good race. I set off steady but came strong in the middle near Dale Head tarn. If only I could do that all the way.

Early in the race and on the track leading out towards Robinson. Muir my team mate is just a little behind me. He beats me in the race. He is a demon descender whereas I catch him on the climbs.

Coming off Catbells. Ive just passed the tourists on the top who always look gobsmacked. Well I managed 17th place just behind a good friend called AL Fowler. Al is a bit like our young Fleeter who was at the Ben Nevis race and is in the Under 23 age bracket. He gave me a good run for my money and it was good to see him run well. There are not many Under 23s in the country that could run a race like that never mind in under 2 hrs. One of the beauty of fellrunning for me is watching other runners do well. Especially when they are young.
Bet his legs didnt ache like mine after the race.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


What can you do with a Collie that wont chase or work with sheep. Simple send him to a rescue centre and someone like me will take the dog on. Farmers send lots of dogs to Collie rescue centre's because of dogs that wont work.
Its a shame really because the breed was bred for working but down the generations, non working bloodlines have crept into the UKs population. Who is to blame is anyone's guess.
Badger wont have anything to do with livestock, which is a bonus when your after a running dog.
We regulary come across this flock of sheep and its comical. Im sure Badger would rather just not bump into them. Just after the photo of him approaching the flock he flopped down and waited for me to move them.
Good grief

But seriously though, Badger has taken a lot of training and thousands of miles of running which Im sure helps with a Collie's behaviour.
We stopped for a minute to take this picture and have a cheese sandwich.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

back to normal

Well I suppose it will be situation normal soon enough with our airspace back to its usual busy self. Reminded me of the nights Ive sat at the Travel Inn Premier Inn at Heathrow watching the planes land one after the other.
Some of you will know the exact spot.

One after the other

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Now as my Bob Graham partner will tell you, I'm useless with technology. Lots of people have these Garmins and I purchased one years ago but hardly ever use it. I can turn it on and wait for it to acquire satellites but that's about it. Well today I fancied doing a good ride so I put some new batteries in and under instructions of ( Clear Trip Data) to reset it I set off on my ride.

100 mile rides are nothing new to me as Ive lost count of how many Ive done over the years. My usual route up into the peak is a steady start but as I passed through the masses at Matlock I was feeling good. Bakewell slipped by and I headed up the steep A6 before turning right for Tideswell. Lots of climbing but some nice descents are what the White Peak is about. Millers Dale is awsome. I headed through Wardlow then Monsal Head and back to Ashford in the Water.
Back down the A6 all the way to Derby then across to Nottingham past East Midland's Airport. As the miles ticked by I glanced down at my Garmin and as it clicked 90 miles I pushed on from Nottingham and headed home. The magic 100mile mark just tripped as I came back into Ilkeston. Perfect
One of those days when everything went right
Just under 5hrs 30mins and I had a 5 minute stop for a can of coke in that as well.

Still not managed to alter the time yet. It was 4.34 when I got home.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Crich Stand

Well I finally worked out how to take a picture with my I phone tonight. A nice 57mile ride which is about typical of what I do nowadays. Loads of climbing, Upping as its known. Now Ive ridden up to Crich lots of times over the years so I thought Id try and take a couple of pictures.
Im not looking my best at Ive just hauled myself up from Cromford and then ran up the track with the bike on my shoulder cyclo cross style.
The view was amazing tonight and I could see all the way home.

Spring is here and its so nice to be able to get out on the bike. Not quite short sleeved top weather but we are getting there. My tan lines are non existent yet unlike someone I know
Crich Stand Monument

Quite breezy at the top. Its a pity the monument was shut and I couldnt walk up it.

The last part of the track leading up to the monument.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


There is still some snow in the Lakes. High up on Mickledore near Broad Stand at the stretcher box there is snow still lying in places. Annoyingly more so was the fact that Lords Rake is also still full of snow. With a recce of the Rake needed, sadly it meant that this was not possible.
It was a glorious day in the Lake District and I managed to take some pictures but my camera doesnt have a big enough lense to do the scenery justice.
Whilst running back up to Scafell Pike the rescue helicopter flew over and hovered a while. I tried my best to grab the camera from my bumbag and snap the chopper. I did my best but it wouldnt stay still.

The emergency stretcher box at Mickledore. Broad Stand is just a few yards away. The dilema that has fellrunners on the Bob Graham round agonising about the choice of do I or dont I go over it on the big day.

Hovering above Scafell, the rescue helicopter which forms a vital part of the mountain rescue emergency service.

Not easy to snap when the damm thing wont keep still for a moment
You can still see a good bit of snow lying on the ground justbelow Scafell Pike summit cairn.

Friday, 9 April 2010

The ring

One of my favorite places in the whole of Lakeland. I don't get to visit it too often now. The dilemma of which way off Blencathara has always fascinated me. As I arrive from the common at the back of the summit its always a hard choice which way to go off. The views are amazing.
Its ages since Ive actually climbed UP Halls Fell or Doddick as when Im either recceing or helping on a BG round its always been clockwise on this leg.

Mermaids Pool

Yep, Ive been asked a few times by runners who I know. Where is mermaids pool ?
Well I just reply its in a special place near Kinder.
I took this photo a while back after the person who Id set the task of finding it had just orienteered there way smack bang to it from about 4 miles away. Its a lovely spot and one or two of Pennine Fellrunners finest have been known to have a skinny dip in it in summer from time to time.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

One man and his dog

A nice run around Kinder and its break time. With inspiration from Ron Fawcett's new book Rock Athlete I decided to have a little climb. Ive not done this for years and with all the running I do I now have no upper body strength which is definatley a bonus.
After a few minutes with Badger I just started to climb up a few rocks and soon it all started coming back to me.
By no means an expert and really not that elegant I managed to shuffle myself up the climb much to the delight of a party of kids that seemed more impressed with badger than my climbing.

A nice spot for a break. Just above Swines Back

Starting the climb with badger thinking whats the crackpot up to now

Halfway up and its time to get up the last bit. No problem, dont look down
The rock formations on Kinder are amazing and there are numerous climbs that are easy enough to have a go at. Some easy ones and some not so easy.

Typical of the photographer to take a picture of my bum !!!!!!!

What about that for technique. Shuffle up, drag yourself onto the top and lie there.

A quick look down and its back to the recce and the run. I dont think Badger was too impressed with the little stoppage. He ran flat out all the way back to the van from here.

See he is looking up thinking OMG does he think he is 17 again