Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I love you Robinson

The Newlands Horseshoe as I call it is one of the most brilliant fell races ever to be concieved. We have a lovely couple called Wynn and Steve to thank for that.
One problem is the climb out off Scope Beck and up to Robinson is a bugger. Steep as a ships mast and very hard. Ive tried every way up and there is no easy way.
Its a hard race with a bit of everything in it. Tough climbs, rocky and grassy descents, ridges, and views to die for.
This year was a good race. I set off steady but came strong in the middle near Dale Head tarn. If only I could do that all the way.

Early in the race and on the track leading out towards Robinson. Muir my team mate is just a little behind me. He beats me in the race. He is a demon descender whereas I catch him on the climbs.

Coming off Catbells. Ive just passed the tourists on the top who always look gobsmacked. Well I managed 17th place just behind a good friend called AL Fowler. Al is a bit like our young Fleeter who was at the Ben Nevis race and is in the Under 23 age bracket. He gave me a good run for my money and it was good to see him run well. There are not many Under 23s in the country that could run a race like that never mind in under 2 hrs. One of the beauty of fellrunning for me is watching other runners do well. Especially when they are young.
Bet his legs didnt ache like mine after the race.