Sunday, 25 April 2010


What can you do with a Collie that wont chase or work with sheep. Simple send him to a rescue centre and someone like me will take the dog on. Farmers send lots of dogs to Collie rescue centre's because of dogs that wont work.
Its a shame really because the breed was bred for working but down the generations, non working bloodlines have crept into the UKs population. Who is to blame is anyone's guess.
Badger wont have anything to do with livestock, which is a bonus when your after a running dog.
We regulary come across this flock of sheep and its comical. Im sure Badger would rather just not bump into them. Just after the photo of him approaching the flock he flopped down and waited for me to move them.
Good grief

But seriously though, Badger has taken a lot of training and thousands of miles of running which Im sure helps with a Collie's behaviour.
We stopped for a minute to take this picture and have a cheese sandwich.


  1. I cannot imagine a finer companion than a collie that has managed to get you to herd sheep for it. Badger is a wonder.

  2. haha, sounds more like badger's got you trained ;)