Sunday, 11 April 2010


There is still some snow in the Lakes. High up on Mickledore near Broad Stand at the stretcher box there is snow still lying in places. Annoyingly more so was the fact that Lords Rake is also still full of snow. With a recce of the Rake needed, sadly it meant that this was not possible.
It was a glorious day in the Lake District and I managed to take some pictures but my camera doesnt have a big enough lense to do the scenery justice.
Whilst running back up to Scafell Pike the rescue helicopter flew over and hovered a while. I tried my best to grab the camera from my bumbag and snap the chopper. I did my best but it wouldnt stay still.

The emergency stretcher box at Mickledore. Broad Stand is just a few yards away. The dilema that has fellrunners on the Bob Graham round agonising about the choice of do I or dont I go over it on the big day.

Hovering above Scafell, the rescue helicopter which forms a vital part of the mountain rescue emergency service.

Not easy to snap when the damm thing wont keep still for a moment
You can still see a good bit of snow lying on the ground justbelow Scafell Pike summit cairn.


  1. The sight of the stretcher box does not fill me with confidence Daz! What is your preferred route? I have only done it by foxes tarn, but that was in the great lakes run where everything seemed a bit of a blur at the time.

  2. Well as Im good at climbing mate I just Shinned up Broad Stand. I was always going to go that way.
    Foxes Tarn to me is the safe option. If its busy at Broad Stand and there is a wait just go Foxes.
    My second choice would be Lords Rake then up the Ghyll. Thats if the snow ever buggers off. Its a more epic route. Easy to Recce mate . Just clim up the Rake, turn left before the hanging stone and climb out and head up to scafell summit. Easy

  3. Thanks for that Daz. Got 6 weeks yet. so will have a good look at the rake before then. I guess its easy once you done it eh!

  4. For me the pleasure is helping others get round the route. Im fortunate that I have time to train a lot and have been blessed with goodish genes that enable me to do pretty well.
    Good luck with your round.
    Just eat plenty, walk the ups and run the downs.
    If you are feling good at your first stop just grab some food and keep going. Dont stop if you dont need to.
    Billy Bland told me that and it served me and my BG partner well at Threlkeld

  5. Ha, Broad Stand.I've heard that name mentioned a few times!

  6. Thanks for the advice Daz.
    Looked at BS today and managed to "clim up" without a rope al tho it was very dry.
    On the day of my attempt a mate is going to rope it but if its too wet i think i will go foxes.
    Fingers crossed its dry.