Saturday, 17 April 2010


Now as my Bob Graham partner will tell you, I'm useless with technology. Lots of people have these Garmins and I purchased one years ago but hardly ever use it. I can turn it on and wait for it to acquire satellites but that's about it. Well today I fancied doing a good ride so I put some new batteries in and under instructions of ( Clear Trip Data) to reset it I set off on my ride.

100 mile rides are nothing new to me as Ive lost count of how many Ive done over the years. My usual route up into the peak is a steady start but as I passed through the masses at Matlock I was feeling good. Bakewell slipped by and I headed up the steep A6 before turning right for Tideswell. Lots of climbing but some nice descents are what the White Peak is about. Millers Dale is awsome. I headed through Wardlow then Monsal Head and back to Ashford in the Water.
Back down the A6 all the way to Derby then across to Nottingham past East Midland's Airport. As the miles ticked by I glanced down at my Garmin and as it clicked 90 miles I pushed on from Nottingham and headed home. The magic 100mile mark just tripped as I came back into Ilkeston. Perfect
One of those days when everything went right
Just under 5hrs 30mins and I had a 5 minute stop for a can of coke in that as well.

Still not managed to alter the time yet. It was 4.34 when I got home.


  1. sounds like you're doing fine without the help of garmin! lovely day to be out. you fancy/are you free to do a bit of paddy buckley support on 21-22 may? for a friend of mine. i'm on the last leg but it would be good to have another person too?

  2. Sorry kate but would you believe im actually nearly booked up until september. I have 8 BG rounds to support on. Once you complete your BG your a pacer for life.
    I would def have helped If I had the time for sure, sorry good luck x

  3. no worries. busy time of year isn't it!

  4. Always keep your eye on the landscape and not the Garmin LBFR and you won't go wrong