Saturday, 3 April 2010

One man and his dog

A nice run around Kinder and its break time. With inspiration from Ron Fawcett's new book Rock Athlete I decided to have a little climb. Ive not done this for years and with all the running I do I now have no upper body strength which is definatley a bonus.
After a few minutes with Badger I just started to climb up a few rocks and soon it all started coming back to me.
By no means an expert and really not that elegant I managed to shuffle myself up the climb much to the delight of a party of kids that seemed more impressed with badger than my climbing.

A nice spot for a break. Just above Swines Back

Starting the climb with badger thinking whats the crackpot up to now

Halfway up and its time to get up the last bit. No problem, dont look down
The rock formations on Kinder are amazing and there are numerous climbs that are easy enough to have a go at. Some easy ones and some not so easy.

Typical of the photographer to take a picture of my bum !!!!!!!

What about that for technique. Shuffle up, drag yourself onto the top and lie there.

A quick look down and its back to the recce and the run. I dont think Badger was too impressed with the little stoppage. He ran flat out all the way back to the van from here.

See he is looking up thinking OMG does he think he is 17 again


  1. Nice one Daz - particularly like the top photo.

  2. Glad to see there is a lot less snow around in the Lakes - wish it was the same up here!

  3. Hey up! Daz

    Nice pics but perhaps you should let Badger lead next time;o)

    All the best
    Steve (aka sbrt on FRA forum).

  4. you're using my perfected technique of topping out. it's actually called the jelly belly ;)