Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dont fence me in

An unusual job for us. The call to fabricate and install what can only be described as a very large fence. Part of some other work that we were doing came out of the blue but it required erecting very quickly as the client needed to secure the site.

Basically stand the panels in a trench and concrete them in making sure they are level.

There must be at least 200 odd panels to fit in place. I wanted them to be all different colours.

An unusual thing was that the crane operator came up to me and said I've worked with you before. Turns out he was working on the M40 motorway years ago with me. Small world. That must be 20 odd years back.

More fence panels !!!!!!!
So an odd job but no matter something different.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Duddon Fell Race

This is a long Lakeland fell race that I have wanted to have a crack at for a number of years now and just by chance this year everything had fallen into place to make it happen. The Duddon is about 18miles long with a lot of climb thrown in. Not sure exactly but about 6500ft.
It was a very hot morning in the valley and as we left Seathwaite for the long slog I was roasting. My plan was a very steady start and I would dearly have loved to crack 3 1/2 hours but in this heat it was going to be tough. The drag up to Harter Fell didnt seem so bad, Hard Knott passed by but the sting in the tale was to be Little Stand, all be it the climb up to the damm thing. I had been warned of this climb by a lady who had done the race previously and I knew that she being a very experienced fell runner that I was in for a shock. A shock it was. I shoved down that awful blackberry gel and some water but in the heat it was a crawl to the top. Most of the way up I was chewing grass. Very steep and the lady that warned me who had said " Actually Darren you will be hurting was sooooo right. It did hurt but there you go.
I reached Little Stand but did not find a very good line off it. Having to slide vertically down the rock in places and I certainly lost two or three places at that point. More reccying needed.
Wrynose Pass soon came into view and I actually managed to run up to Swirl How summit. The ridge run back to Dow Crag seemed to go on forever. I struggled onto White Pike but had a stroke of luck on the last climb. The first lady, Jane Reedy who I have raced against a few times gave me a masterclass in running up to the summit of Caw. I managed to stay just behind her and shamefully did no help on the climb at all. We came off the top virtually together and ran down to the finish. I finished in 21st position in 3 hrs 35ish.

The Long Duddon fell race. another one under the belt for me.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Erewash canal

On probably the hottest day of the year so far I decided to have a day off work. So Badger and myself had a wander down the Erewash Canal. The canal runs from Trent Lock to Langley Mill and on the right day is very picturesque. Recently the towpath has been resurfaced which makes it even more attractive than ever to cyclists and walkers. Its a popular route for runners as well but a bit flat for my running taste.
With the Duddon Fell Race to do the following day I should have been resting. Anyway it turned into a 14mile walk all told. I took these nice pictures of the canal and surrounding area.

Badger on the newly surfaced towpath.

To be honest allthough the towpath is nice its made it a bit to good for my liking. I prefered it when it was a bit rougher terrain, but now at least the powers that be have made it properly accessable for disabled people. Instead of just putting a few disabled friendly stiles along the route, they have done a brillinat job. I will be writing to the powers that be to thank them.

The end of the canal where it joins the River Trent. The River Soar is to the left of this shot. If I had a few thousand to spare I would have a narrowboat and certainly be making use of the many moorings available long the cut.

Badger and his newly clipped coat which I did myself. Thats another story.

This one is called the Molly Grace. think my boat would have to be called Fellrunner.

Trent Lock with the mightt Radcliffe Coal Fired powerstation in the background.

Badger had a few dips in the canal and seemed much cooler now I have clipped his coat

This boat was being washed down by its owners. I shouted to them what a lovely narrowboat it was. They told me that they were preparing to be on her for 4months.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Big Toys

I took this shot last week at a Quarry I visited. This was not the largest machine there. I backed the van up and weighed up the size of the Loading Shovel bucket. I may have been able to just about fit the van in the bucket.