Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lambs Longer Leg Fell Race

It was a really cold morning on Sunday when I told Badger to get in the van to go for a run. He looked a bit put out.
I nipped up to do the Lambs Longer Leg Race that starts just down from the Lamb Inn Pub on the road to Hayfield.
Not much distance in this one but the climb goes on a bit and its a good route. I had not ran the race or the route for a few years and to be honest on the way back to the finish I nearly went wrong. My teammate Muir Morton shouted me the directions and I suddenly realised which way to go.
Pennine had a great turnout taking quite a few prizes.
I just managed 3rd which I was pleased about as I had fallen on the ice half way round the race.
Just a simple little race but a classic.

On the way home we stopped at Shining Cliffs and did three laps of the woods. Badger really made me pay for not allowing him to run the race earlier.
Ive learnt that by doing a nice steady recovery run the same day as a race helps your legs becoming stiff.
Just to prove the point, Badger and I did 16miles last night and my legs were fine. Only a day after.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Ovenden Fell Race

I have not done a race up near Ogden Water for a good while so I decided to ring the changes a bit and go and do the Ovenden Fell Race. Alan Greenwood organises this one. He puts in a huge amount of work for our sport, a top bloke.
It was to be a record turnout for the event and as Alan shouted 3,2,1 Go the wind was howling over the moors.
I took it steady on the run up the track as I knew the wind would be full on at the turn. A little group formed behind the two runners who set off in the lead and we all tried having a dig but the wind quickly pushed us back. As we headed over the moors the group whittled down and I was struggling a bit. The steep climb in the middle of the race helped me and I managed to work my way back to the group. After that it was a case of just hanging on over the tops and working my way back to the finish. The wind was very strong on parts of the course but the final mile back down the track was done with a tailwind.
I managed 5th place which I was really pleased about as I didnt know the course and I think you always are a bit cautious when you have not done a race before. The old saying ( Save a bit for the finish) always works.
Well done to Alan Greenwood and his helpers for a great event.
The Causeway Pub is a fantastic race HQ. Highly recommended.

So my first two races after Christmas have been new ones for me.
What next, who knows.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Accordian Effect

For those who dont know the phrase its something that happens in cycling.
If your in a group of riders and are at the back entering corners, the leaders will sail through whilst those nearer the back slow and have to chase to stay on. Its a horrible feeling. Eventually you chase so hard you get spat out the back of the group through lack of energy, discarded.
This litter was left on my route last week. Its still there and will probably take months to rot away.
If I get chance I will take a bin liner and move it.

Discarded by people who neither care not give a damm.
Most walkers wont see it. Its 20 yds from the main path. I just will never understand the mindset of the kind of person who just throws litter on the ground.

New Years Run

Today it rained. New Years day.
I mean proper rain. It has to be if I need to run in my OMM coat. I don't rarely question myself about whether I should be out in such conditions but today I did. Strange really as not one other person was spotted on our route. We don't see many people anyway usually.
But as we climbed up past Stanton by Dale and the rain sheeted into my face I smiled. Im out in this because I can and I love it and it feels right and it makes you feel alive.
Badger loyally runs ahead whatever the weather but even he had a couple of shakes such was the rain.
Okay running in shorts was probably a bit under dressed but we was only doing a short one.
14 miles later and totally covered in as much mud as was possible to get on my legs we arrived back. Badger knew, he carried straight on at our turning point. You know that point where you choose hard or easy. Today Badger chose hard. So we did.
Training in winter is not easy but when you enjoy it as much as Badger and me the weather makes no difference.
So another 3000 ish miles clocked up last year but I only ever think of the next one. The second I finish a run or fell race its gone. History.