Monday, 9 January 2012

Ovenden Fell Race

I have not done a race up near Ogden Water for a good while so I decided to ring the changes a bit and go and do the Ovenden Fell Race. Alan Greenwood organises this one. He puts in a huge amount of work for our sport, a top bloke.
It was to be a record turnout for the event and as Alan shouted 3,2,1 Go the wind was howling over the moors.
I took it steady on the run up the track as I knew the wind would be full on at the turn. A little group formed behind the two runners who set off in the lead and we all tried having a dig but the wind quickly pushed us back. As we headed over the moors the group whittled down and I was struggling a bit. The steep climb in the middle of the race helped me and I managed to work my way back to the group. After that it was a case of just hanging on over the tops and working my way back to the finish. The wind was very strong on parts of the course but the final mile back down the track was done with a tailwind.
I managed 5th place which I was really pleased about as I didnt know the course and I think you always are a bit cautious when you have not done a race before. The old saying ( Save a bit for the finish) always works.
Well done to Alan Greenwood and his helpers for a great event.
The Causeway Pub is a fantastic race HQ. Highly recommended.

So my first two races after Christmas have been new ones for me.
What next, who knows.

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