Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lambs Longer Leg Fell Race

It was a really cold morning on Sunday when I told Badger to get in the van to go for a run. He looked a bit put out.
I nipped up to do the Lambs Longer Leg Race that starts just down from the Lamb Inn Pub on the road to Hayfield.
Not much distance in this one but the climb goes on a bit and its a good route. I had not ran the race or the route for a few years and to be honest on the way back to the finish I nearly went wrong. My teammate Muir Morton shouted me the directions and I suddenly realised which way to go.
Pennine had a great turnout taking quite a few prizes.
I just managed 3rd which I was pleased about as I had fallen on the ice half way round the race.
Just a simple little race but a classic.

On the way home we stopped at Shining Cliffs and did three laps of the woods. Badger really made me pay for not allowing him to run the race earlier.
Ive learnt that by doing a nice steady recovery run the same day as a race helps your legs becoming stiff.
Just to prove the point, Badger and I did 16miles last night and my legs were fine. Only a day after.


  1. Interesting comment about the same day recovery run. How far was 3 laps of the woods and what pace did you run at relative to race pace?

  2. Hello John
    Probably about 8 miles and im guessing i just knocked it back a bit. I very rarely time myself. Dont have a garmin or even a stopwatch.
    But all i know is that when i ran wansfell i drove home from the lakes and the next day i could barely walk. Okay thats a much steeper race than the lambs longer leg but i bet if i had of stopped for a run on the way home my legs would not have ached the next day.
    I started to notice this at the start of last year.

  3. Just soak in a hot bath instead. It works wonders for run tired legs. It works for me (seriously).