Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Run

Today it rained. New Years day.
I mean proper rain. It has to be if I need to run in my OMM coat. I don't rarely question myself about whether I should be out in such conditions but today I did. Strange really as not one other person was spotted on our route. We don't see many people anyway usually.
But as we climbed up past Stanton by Dale and the rain sheeted into my face I smiled. Im out in this because I can and I love it and it feels right and it makes you feel alive.
Badger loyally runs ahead whatever the weather but even he had a couple of shakes such was the rain.
Okay running in shorts was probably a bit under dressed but we was only doing a short one.
14 miles later and totally covered in as much mud as was possible to get on my legs we arrived back. Badger knew, he carried straight on at our turning point. You know that point where you choose hard or easy. Today Badger chose hard. So we did.
Training in winter is not easy but when you enjoy it as much as Badger and me the weather makes no difference.
So another 3000 ish miles clocked up last year but I only ever think of the next one. The second I finish a run or fell race its gone. History.

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