Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Crowden Horseshoe

A quick trip up to Crowden for the annual Horseshoe that Des Gibbons puts on. A great race and a bit of everything. Lots of technical parts which I love. Give me some rocks and Im away.
I can run uphill and descend very fast on rock but I am not so fast on the grassy dowhill bits. Thats just how it is.
Anyway I pushed on a bit up to Laddow Rocks and round to the Soldiers Lump knowing that the first part of the return journey I would be a bit slower. It was a strange run really and I think I passed three people but apart from that I was in no mans land. The finish of the race is quite steep and I ploughed down that and came 9th.
So I was happy at that.

A typical welcome to the fell race sign

The start and finish of the Crowden race. The activity centre is just behind the tree.

Just passed the Soldiers Lump after the bogs and its flat out all the way to the finish

Last bit needs a touch of concentration
I didn't realise until I was told that I was first Derbyshire back and this being Derby Champs Race made me Derbyshire Champion. Well I will take that, It did make me smile.
One thing that pleased me was to get under 1hr 10mins. Very pleased with that.


  1. Congratulations Daz, great run! Missed this one through injury.

    All the best

    Simon (simgreen78 on FRA forum)

  2. nice one. very pleased for you too :)