Thursday, 13 May 2010

Burbage Skyline Fell Race

Midweek was the Burbage Skyline race which I have never done before. I am always trying to fit in new races each year but there are so many in the FRA calendar that its always going to be impossible to do them all. This one Ive missed for various reasons. The course is very technical and really suits me. Ive ran parts of the course many times going up and around Higger Tor but never the full route.
There must have been over a hundred Dark Peakers at the race. Us Pennine were heavily outnumbered.

The start was slightly delayed but fair play to the organisers for how they sorted 340 odd entries. I think that was the most they had ever had. So it made for a very hectic start but I managed to slot in near the front row and get away quickly. It was a very chilly night but as usual my vest didn't stay on for to long and by the time I had reached Higger Tor it was stuffed down the back of my shorts. Only one comical moment came when my vest snagged on a tree and I had to go back 20yds to retrieve it.
The run in was perfect for me, very similar to the run off the Roaches. Lots of grit stone boulders to negotiate. A flat path at the end but I had just enough left in the tank for a little sprint finish.
Upper Burbage Bridge

A frantic start, note the yellow flag which was the start line.
Typical Boulder formations that are found in this area of the Peak District

A bit blurry but its a fast finish. A lovely sunset and I did manage a few glimpses whilst trudging up Higger Tor. It doesn't get better than that.
A quick drink of water then a little run with Badger and off home.

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