Sunday, 23 May 2010

LLetty Fell Race ( thirsty work 2)

Well the LLetty Fell Race was a tough one. 9miles and nearly 3000ft of climb and easily the hottest day of the year so far. I don't like racing in the heat but the experience of running for my county Derbyshire lifted me. I didn't do to badly. Taking in the summits of Moel Arthur and Moel Famau it certainly packed in plenty of upping.
My first time running for my county and I was amazed at some of the class of runners that took part. Lots of top class elites but also plenty like me who were just glad to be taking part. With the temp hitting 26 degrees I decided to carry a bottle from the off and It served me well. The sting in the tale was the final climb. One of thse just about runnable things that are really tough at the end of the race.
A great experience but very hot

The runners string out up the climb of Moel Arthur.

Not more up The run down to the finish.

I came 58th in the race and Derbyshire came 9th team. A good achievement that I will never forget.


  1. Have to say didn't envy any one out there running in those conditions...glad I was on a day off!! Not sure the colours are as notorious as your usual shade but there you go, who could ignore the chance to run for your county...well done Darren. :-)

  2. top job! do you get to keep your vest?

  3. err you get to wash it Kate