Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Chevin Fell Race

Tonight was the Chevin Fell Race. Its funny how it goes.
Last night I felt rubbish. My legs still ached from descending the Ben, but there wasnt a chance that I would miss the Chevin race at Milford. Its a two lapper but very fast.
My friend And fellow team mate Adam Perry also did the race and we set off very fast. Adam took the lead on the first climb and held it to the finish. I just could not quite catch him.
My comment to Adam at the finish after we blasted over the line. Please go and get some chips. Seriously though Adam is a quality runner and I was well pleased for him.
So a first and second for Pennine at the Chevin, thats maybe the first time thats ever happened.
A cracker of a race, will check my time at some point but that doesnt really matter. Brilliant organisation from the man that is David Denton.

These type of races to me are the life and soul of fellracing. Nothing fancy, just likeminded people doing what they love.
I say support your local races. The organisers deserve a huge amount of praise.
Long may these type of events continue.


  1. Wanted to do this race again this year, but promised my mum I'd take her out for her birthday which also today... (there's no cancelling, I'd be outcast!) Next year :-)
    Well done Dazza x

  2. Well done daz and for your excellent result t' other week at the Ben. Keep up the hard work; it's obviously paying off!