Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Duddon Long Fell Race

Thick clag made this years Duddon race a tricky one. Good navigation skills were needed and I didn't really get my compass out until after reaching Hardknott Pass.
Before that I had made an error and ended up somewhere around Peathill Crag just before the road. So that was error number one.
I got my compass out heading up to Hardknott and navigated fine down into Moasedale. The trudge up Little Stand I tried pulling back the front group but was just shy by about 30 meteres. I then made the mistake a second time by not going a bit easier off the top and navigating properly. Another ten minutes lost.
After re gaining the trod down to Wrynose Pass and the Stone, myself and another runner had probably lost about 12minutes but we carried on strongly to make up good time.
We didnt make any more errors after that but It was clear that position wise we would be a little down.
Its funny how two runners can work together to pull things back but that we did and by the time we reached the last checkpoint of Caw we had done well.
Coming off Caw has not been kind to me in the past but Mike Johnson from Bowland led us down perfectly. He being the other runner that I spent 99 per cent of the race with. A true ambassador for our sport and has been up there with the top runners for many years.
He finished 10th and I finished 11th.
A really tough day and many tales of runners going astray all over the route.
The Duddon race is not the easiest route to navigate and I had not had time to recce it enough.
I was pleased to get round under 3 1/2 hours.

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