Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Ennerdale Race was a great experience on Saturday. It was a tough day on the fells and one of my target races for the year. I set off pretty quickly and worried whether I would last all the way to the finish. In the end the wheels came off going over the top of Crag Fell which was the last descent. I knew by that time that I was 1st Vet 40 which is what I wanted. It was hard and the previous recces proved invaluable on the day
I desperately wanted to clock under 4 hrs for this horseshoe and coming off Haycock I was getting worried. The clock was ticking and I thought I had not gone fast enough. But I then remembered we had started a little after 11o clock. Adrenalin kicked in and I blasted down through the flagged part at the finish. I made it by just a few seconds. This is a brilliantly organised event and I thanked every marshal en route going round.
Kenny Stuart holds the record at 3hrs 20mins. I mean what !!!!. That is just unreal. That would put him at the finish with me somewhere just past Haycock. I looked at my watch around there and did wonder and think Kenny would have been sat down at the finish now. But hey Kenny was a truly gifted and talented fellrunner. I will be back as I think given the right day I could go faster than what I did. More Kendal Mint Cake maybe and a little bit more refined recceing and err a massive tail wind all the way back to Ennerdale. 

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