Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mudguards ?

My Winter Bike ( Sorry no Mercian winter bike pictures available so I have posted up a querky brand instead) is about to be built up using my groupset that has come off my Rourkie. I now have the dilema of do I fit mudguards on it or not. Do I keep myself fairly dry on wet rides?.
I have asked myself this many times over the years. I dont do a lot of chain gang riding nowadays. So do I or dont I.
NO NO NO NO pleeeease nooooooooooooo.
Bikes dont look right with them on. Im forty one not seventy five, I quite like the fact that I can feel the wet up my back on a long ride.
Once you cross that line before you know it you will have a saddle bag, tools and one of the flappy mudguard extensions and be stopping every 20 miles for an egg custard.
I say keep the bike looking sleek and grin and bear it.

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