Friday, 22 June 2012

Tideswell Fell Race

Did this race earlier tonight and it was a little gem. I nearly did it a few years ago but didn't quite make it. Another one of those low key Peak District races that truly epitomise what our sport is all about. Pull up, pay 4 quid, run the race, have some banter with your fellow fellrunners and then go home.
At only just over 4 miles it wouldn't take long. I think it had 800ft of climb in it.
It really only had 1 big climb which took some getting up but by the time I had reached the top I was in second place and managed to hold that position until the finish taking the First Vet 40 place as well.
I won a lovely bowl 
I don't save many prizes that I win. Wine and the odd bottle of spirits I give away. Ive won more T shirts that I could ever wear. But I save the special ones in a little cabinet.
This bowl will go in it.
As local races go this one takes some beating.
Great organisation and it would make a perfect first time fell race.


  1. Hi Daz and congratulations.
    Its the Chrome Hill fell race today. Part of the school fate. Its a lovely 4 miles, over one of the white peaks little gems.

    All the best

  2. I have a bowl from a few years ago when I managed to take the MV50 prize at this event. I wonder if they're similar.