Saturday, 23 June 2012

Chrome Hill Fell Race

It was strange how Steve ( SRBT) posted on the Tideswell Race post about the Chrome Hill Race. I had already planned to do this earlier in the year. So another one that I have not done before.
It is an amazing area. A coral reef which is stunning to look at.
The race attracts just a few runners but I love these events. The village fete races are just so grass roots fellracing. That is what they are. Simply run up the fellside and back without much care in the world.
Only 4 miles in length and for about 1 1/2 miles I was leading the race eagerly looking for the tape that was marking the course. On the first climb I was overtaken by two other runners and I settled into third place. By the time we started the main climb up over Chrome Hill I had caught up with them so I decided to hammer it off the top. I reached the bottom of the fell in first place. Again they duly came by and I was back in third place again but first Vet 40.
300 yds later and all three of us missed the right turn that took you back to the Village School and the finish.
We ran for about 1 /12 miles before realising we had gone wrong.
As I said to one of the lads. That's fellracing.
This can happen a lot when you are battling for the lead. |Your mind is so focused on catching the other runners that you miss the tapes.
Everyone at some point does it in fellracing.
What a lovely race though and I will definitely be back now that I know the route.
Well organised and the part over the ridge is pretty spectacular.

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  1. Nice one Daz! You are going to need a new trophy cabinet soon.