Thursday, 15 December 2011

So we came up with this

The first two pictures are what I see should be how womens cycling should be portrayed. Emma Pooley leading Marianne Vos in the Giro Donne ( the last big womens cycle race ). Two great athletes showing us how its done.

This is what I didnt want to see. The lads came up with it.
Enough said eh.
I was reading an article the other day about the difference in salaries in womens and mens racing. HUGE doesnt even come close.
Lets hope it changes


  1. An ironic thing, is that as a cycling photographer I know that given two sets of pictures, one of a mens event, and another of a womens, is that the womens set will get far more views. Who says people don't want to watch womens cycling?

  2. Well, unfortunately the Womens Rapha team from last year isn't getting Raphas backing this year. Considering the difference in cost between mens and womens racing (I believe the womens team were looking for less than 20k for the year, the guys clothing allowance was somewhere north of 55k) its pretty ridiculous.

    It would seem that Womens cycling needs more exposure at an elite level, and more grassroots interest. Still, easy enough to say as a bloke... but there you go...