Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Has he been

How may children have woken on Christmas morning and said those words " Has he been".
Well the clock is ticking down now and we are nearly there. For many adults of my age you tended to have a main present all those years ago. Parents would pay into a Xmas club fund all year at the local bike shop and come the 25th it would be sitting there at 4am all shining.
To aquire a Raleigh Bike was like entering a different would. You had arrived on the cycling scene. Your path would be set
Budgie,Grifter,Burner and then for some like me a racing bike such as an Arena.
Nowadays we pop down to Halfords and just buy one. But in those days the expectation lasted a whole year. Which model will I get.
Driving past the huge Raleigh factory was for me like an adventure. Who worked there???. How did they make such amazing bikes.
There will be thousands of bikes presented on Christmas morning. It doesnt get better than that.

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