Sunday, 4 December 2011

Get ready for winter

Yep its officially arrived. My fingers will remain cold now until Feb/March and every time you set out it will be cold, damp or wet.
Snow I don't mind, in fact I love it, but the dark winter conditions are hard to get through. You have to just push through my fellow fellrunners and cyclists.
It will come. The sun will shine once more.
Set a goal for the new year. Get home from work and no matter what just jump into your kit and get out the door.
We all feel better when we have ( Done a bit) as I say.
The FRA calendar will drop through the door soon with all those events to pick out and dream of.
I keep that picture of Bernaud Hinault in my shed. Mind he got paid a serious amount of money to be out in that weather.
Happy training


  1. How long you had that dog of yours Daz? It's just dawned on me where his name came from!

  2. White over at Alport heights this morning =)