Thursday, 15 December 2011

50 x 50

The sport of professional cycling is in a strange place right now. In the current climate teams are cutting back. The mens side of the sport seems to be okay but the womens side is starting to get hit. In my opinion things need to change. We need to start promoting womens cycling more, and in the right way.
With the likes of Cavendish and Wiggins now becoming household names there are more bikes being sold than ever. A new generation is now coming through and they are buying road bikes. To be fair I see a few women on road bikes in the Peak but I cannot help feeling that they are not represented correctly in our sport.
Okay yeah you can go into Evans and fair play to them get a decent womens bike but apart from that there are not many places to go. Okay Im rambling and thats just the bike buying side, but in general the sport has to wider gap between men and women.
Yesterday someone said to me that women cannot ride a roadbike. I was fuming, literally. I took this as ignorance simply because the person that said this to me doesnt know a household name.
Victoria Pendleton I said?????.
Yeah but thats on the track they replied.
I struggled and tried to present the argument.
Ive ridden with women that can match me, Ive been pushed to the limit down the A6 with some of the GB women.
We need more promotion of women on bikes( Simple).
SKY need to step in to be honest. Lets have a SKY womens cycling team to start with and move forward.

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