Thursday, 8 December 2011

Before you go out

Like others when I am on my way home at night and its raining and its winter and its cold and its wet and its blowing and you really really are wanting a night off training I look for inspiration.
A little trick I have used for a few years especially midweek is to throw a little casserole together.
Put anything in it. And yes do afford yourself the luxury of a packet for the stock. ( I know of diehards that make this from scratch, but hey!!!.
Casseroles take 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs yeah.
Now the beauty is as you prepare it you cannot pick at anything because the stuff your throwing in are raw. Well okay you can nibble on a carrot but that's okay.
So you don't eat anything, Bonus yeah.
Now all you have to do is tell yourself this.
If I do an hours running I can get back and take a shower and it will be ready. If I do an hour and ten it will taste even better. If I do an hour and a half the meat will be even tenderer.
The thought of a nice tasty casserole bubbling away as I come over the hills back to the smell of it cooking away has been my saviour on many a winters night.
So get your crock pot out . You know the one your Grandma gave you in 1976 and get casseroling.
Now bet your all hungry.

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