Sunday, 4 December 2011

Gravy Pud Fell Race

The Bulls Head Pub in Tintwistle is the start venue for the Gravy Pud Fell Race. This year I am told had a record turnout.
Its my first time doing this one as before I know it has clashed with the Tankies Trog race and other things.
The weather was not good en route to Tintwistle and coming over Woodhead the snow was starting to blow in and visibility was not the best. By the time I dropped down a little bit to the pub it was hammering it down with rain.
Quite a few team mates had dared to venture out on such a rough morning and we all had a chat before the start generally moaning about the weather and jokingly questioning why we do this on a Sunday morning.
But we do.
We all line up and co organiser Andi Jones gives us a little chat before sending us away up the fellside.
It took me a while to get in my stride up the incline and I was red lining a little to hold the pace. As it levelled out on the track the numbers thinned out and myself and a Saddleworth Runner kept together. He was strong on the downs and I was strong on the ups but on this day he was just a little faster than me and he would beat me at the finish to take third. The course was quite boggy after the initial climbs and the run back past the reservoir dragged on a bit. The rain was very heavy as I crossed the finish line and I can say that I would not have wanted it to have been any longer than what it was.
A good course though and possibly my last short race of the year.
I will be back for this one now I know the route.
Loads of cakes,tea,t shirts and prizes in the Pub.
Thanks to the Northern Boys Love Gravy guys. Andi and his team did a great job. if you want a look

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