Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Parwich Panoramic 5 Fell Race

This was another local race that I have not done before. To be fair its not been run for many years. Parwich is one of those villages that you cycle through and think I could live here. The problem being the £750,000 that you need to buy a property.
Anyway it was 27 degrees in the van when I arrived in the village. I signed on at the Sycamore Pub and awaited the 7.15 start. having not run it I did a quick recce of the start as I anticipated being near the front.
The organiser set us off and I was leading for a while but two other lads came with me and then myself and Chris Nichol who won it just pulled away. The part of the race that is run on the Tissington Trail really told on my legs as it was like road running. I had my road shoes on and that felt a bit odd but the real reason was Chris was to strong.
I tried chasing him down on the rougher sections and did start to catch him put he pulled away again and took a good win. We shook hands at the finish and straight away commented that there must have been over 20 stiles.
Still a lovely local race and brilliantly marshalled and organised.

On the climb up to the Tissington Trail. No comments about the road shoes please.

Lots of local faces and a diet coke in the pub afterwards. I was Happy with 2nd place but I twinged my hamstring going over one of the stiles which I hope will be okay for the Borrowdale Race.
So the Parwich race gets a big thumbs up. This would make an ideal first fell race.
Dave Denton sorted out some brilliant Junior races and credit goes to everyone involved in that.
The only problem was that the little village duckpond didn't have enough water in it otherwise I would have jumped in.

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