Monday, 29 August 2011

Bradbourne Fell Race

This is a local Fell Race run by the legend that is David Denton. Ive done well here over the years and I wasn't going to do it this year. After riding my bike a good distance the day before I could have easily had a rest.
But an e mail from David asking me if I was attending prompted me to drive over to Bradbourne and give it a go.
Its two laps of hard work with a couple of steep climbs thrown in and add in also three river crossing's makes it quite an interesting route.
I started pretty steady and after about a mile found myself pull into the lead. Normally there is a couple of faster guys in front but half way round the first lap I realised I had a chance to win the race so I pushed on. The second lap soon came round after a big applause for nearly clearing the river and as I attacked the second step climb I could ease back a little. This course has a few of those clanky, noisy steel gates that you get in the South Peak District and I could tell that the lad in second place was a way behind as the clanking got less louder. The final climb is tough but I ploughed on and all too soon I was leaping the river for the last time and for the first time I finished first.
Only a small race but its a win. A nice fleece from David and I walked up to the Hall and had a well earned coffee and a biscuit.
Another milestone passed for me. I can say at least once I won a fell race.
Brilliant organisation and I always wonder how long David can keep up organising all these races.