Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Borrowdale Fell Race

I had been training hard for this race for a good few weeks, plenty of hillwork and long runs to ensure that I was ready. Giving that I now have done this race a few times and it is one of the highlights on the fellracing calendar I wanted to do well.
Route knowledge is a big thing for this one and its taken me a long time and numerous recces to just get a good insight into the fastest way around the 17miles that make up the race route.

The race passed fairly quickly and apart from a near disaster when my contact lenses came out after descending the corridor route it went fairly well. I still need to recce various points but was well pleased with getting round in about 3hrs 15minutes.
Billy Bland skipped round in 2hrs 34ish a few years ago to put my time in perspective.
I will be back next year for another go mind.

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