Thursday, 18 August 2011

Eccles Pike Race

A great little race this one. I had been wanting to have a crack at this for a couple of years but had not got around to doing it. It starts at the Navigation Pub at Bugsworth which is a great setting. Get the race done then have a beer after as the sun goes down. I got there early and took Badger on a quick recce of the course. A quick run over the dual carriageway footbridge, along the road and your heading up the fell towards Eccles Pike top. There was a big turnout from Pennine and I had messers Barber,Chan, and Perry up with me. The fast start did me a little but I pulled back slightly on the uphill. I shouted a word of encouragement to the other lads as I was mind full of the team prize although I didn't realise there wasn't one on offer. But in the end we still won it with Dan,Nick and myself. Adam had a nightmare as his shoe fell to bits en route back down the fell.
It feels good that we are getting stronger as a team. Plenty of new runners coming through and whats also good is that they are young. Great to see as so many of us in this sport are the other side of 40.
My legs ached still from Borrowdale and maybe 50 odd miles on my bike the night before isn't the best preparation for a 3 mile fell race but I am not complaining.
I managed 9th place and first vet40. I had nothing left at the end and even a nice word of encouragement from Johnny from Fat Boys RC couldn't jolt me. A bottle of wine as a prize for my effort.
Some great other runs from the Pennine crowd. We are picking up prizes all across the board now at races. Team prizes, 1/2/3, Vet 50, First lady, Vet 60. So its all going well at Pennine.
Roll on the relays.
Nicely organised and I will be back again for this one.

Badger enjoying the recce

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