Monday, 29 August 2011

A trip to see Tommy

Yesterday was the local Spinning Club's ride to see the Tom Simpson Museum. Harworth is about 45miles from mu house and I have made this trip before. About 25 of us set off in a couple of groups with cyclists of varying standards. All good natured and a great way to meet new people. You can go to spin class and never really speak much but on a club ride of sorts you soon start to have a bit of banter.
We arrived after 2 hours at the cemetery were Tom's grave is and after ten minutes there we cycled to the Sports and Social club to look at the small Museum that holds some of Tom's memorabilia.
After half an hour looking round and a chip buttie to fuel the run back we left the club and cycled the 40 miles back.
I added a few extra miles on at the end to make a hundred for the day.

A good day out. The weather held although the strong wind made it tough going in places.

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