Sunday, 31 July 2011

Time for reflection

Okay so for many fellrunners and racers its that time of year when you sit down and reflect on what has gone past and what is to come. Some runners are never happy. They continually strive to be faster whilst others are happy to plod around the fells and take it all in.
One thing I have learnt with running as I approach my 11th year back doing it, is that there is always another day. You may have had a poor year so far or achieved everything you have dreamt of, generally for most its somewhere in between.
Tommorow is Monday and training will continue. Goals can be re set
Not everything goes to plan.
For the fellrunner, some days can be just hard, you struggle to gain height, the fells seem to notice your having a bad day and they grip you like a vice to try and crack your spirit.
But most people I know in this brilliant sport of ours fight back. I know runners who face many uphill battles just to be able to stand on a summit like the one in the picture. As fellrunners, we get injured, we crack, we break, we question ourselves and sometimes wonder what its all about.
But like tommorow we bounce back.
Have a good second half of the season my fellow fellrunners. I will continue to post how I get on.


  1. agreed, The tussock grass is very tough on a lot of Winter Hill making it very tough on Jake, and as you said there is always another day and another route to try :)

  2. Nice one Darren! From the top of Fairfield by any chance?
    You're spot on with your comments...tough little race at the highland games on Saturday and my legs had nowt in them on the near-vertical climb...but tomorrow will be another day.

  3. Fantastic post - Perfectly worded.