Monday, 4 July 2011

Hathersage Gala Fell Race

Well with bad blisters on both of my heels after the heat of the Moel Siabod race and some running in the Lake District on Sunday I should I suppose have rested and allowed the blisters to go down a bit. Experience has taught me that if the blister bursts and the skin comes off your in for a few days of serious pain.
Which is what I have been in all night as I did the Hathersage Gala Fell Race last night. A fast and furious little fell race thats 4.5miles and just over a 1000ft of climbing. I did tape my heels up really well but the fast descent back to Hathersage put paid to the micropore tape.
I could have worn road shoes for a bit more cushioning but didnt. Anyway it was a good race and if there had been a team prize, Pennine would have won with Nick, Noel and myself having really good runs.
I managed 5th place and won a book on Peak District Aircraft Crash sites. Cool.

Just before getting in the bath.
Lets just say a few choice words crossed my lips as I dunked my feet in the warm water.
So today's Fellrunning tip is. First sign of blisters, back off and have a rest or go on the bike.


  1. uggghhhhhh...

  2. Hey! I've got one just like that, same foot and everything. Wrong socks for me, that tarmac descent was tough though :)

  3. Got up on my toes as I felt my heels hot-spotting on the road, my calves are suffering for it now!

  4. now that is a proper blister-impressed!

  5. Good effort. I didn't get a blister as I fonished 5th from the back. Great little race though, looking forward to 2015