Friday, 22 July 2011

Sheldon Fell Race

The Sheldon Race is a lovely little Peak District event that starts on the main road through the village and does a little loop along the river, climbs back up then drops back down into Sheldon.
A line of building sand marked the start and finish line which is typical of a traditional fell race. Not the sand but the way someone has just thought I will just slap some sand on the road which will do fine. We don't need a yellow line, we don't need chip timing, just a few traffic cones for a funnel and a line of sand.
This race descends rapidly down the road before plunging even quicker down to the river. You then turn sharp left and realise if you have either gone off perfect or like most gone to quick and are very quickly realising that your on the limit and the next bit is going to be hard.
A dash along the river with a bit of up and down before hitting the ultra steep bank which 99 per cent of the field quickly walk up. Ive tried to run up it all the way but the pace of the race is too quick for that.
You top out onto some fields which is still uphill but the gradient is less yet your legs are now on fire. Another pull up and its then basically a fast run along a track and a road descent back to the line of sand.
I managed 4th place in just over 25minutes which is my fastest time yet. I must admit I had eased back for two days before though.
So if you want a lightening fast fell race then Sheldon is certainly one of them.

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