Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bamford Carnival Fell Race

That was a tough race last night after the weekend. A hard warm climb up to Win Hill but my teammates helped me really. I was suffering a bit and I had some great company. Adam, Nick, and Steve were up there and its nice to see us Pennine going so well. Its a good feeling to see people in the same vest especially when there are so many Dark Peak at these events.
Adam ran a superb race, Nick and I went up the climb together with Nick topping out first and then Steve was running with me back down the hill. All bodes well for if we get together in the relays. That will be special.
We have started winning some Team prizes here and there at these races and the standard is being pushed up all the time.
We also had Rob Taylor and Mary Edgerton winning prizes which is fantastic.
other great performances from other members with the likes of Andy Howie and Ian Warhurst ever present.

The route has a fair bit of road attached to the start and finish of it and it should be all runnable. I ran a fair amount of the race with Mick Stenton of Dark peak who is the runner for all info on fellracing matters. A good night and a great midwwek race.

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