Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Whats Rollers

Right I must get at least half a dozen people ask me a week whats ROLLERS. I posted a picture of me on my rollers in the shed a while back. But for those that dont understand what they are they are simple 3 x rollers that you sit your bike on and pedal. Very simple but you need to master the art of balance first. Then you need to master the repetition of being on them for an hour or so. The first twenty minutes are fine but then gradually the fatigue builds up and the boredom sets in. For me it doesn't matter because I quite like the on and on nature of it. By the end your wet through with sweat and your backside is numb but they are great for maintaining your cycling fitness throughout the winter months.
Maybe a 46 inch plasma TV in the shed will help. Still for now its the I phone, a few tunes and looking at the shed wall. Although I do have a nice old photo of my Nana pinned on the wall to give me inspiration when it gets tough. She suffered with a lot of illness in her life and I always look at the picture and think cmon Darren crack on.


  1. Keep it up Daz. Only a few more weeks and you'll be able to get out a bit in the evenings too.

  2. Thanks mate, not seen you for a while, hope your okay.
    Saw Mrs Noel at Famous Grouse and Tigger Tor. Great performances from her. Brilliant