Thursday, 17 February 2011


This week Lance Armstrong announced his retirement from the world of professional cycling.He did that before but this time will be for good.
I was never really a huge fan simply because of the way he just targeted the Tour De France. A seven time winner who had a tam each year devoted to the cause. Some Tours it seemed that he had won before the first stage had started such was the power he had over the peloton.
I remember that sad tour when Fabio Casartelli crashed and died on stage 15 in 1995 and then Lance took stage 18 and pointed his fingers to the sky in memory of Fabio. Was it really all those years ago.
So at 39 a year younger than me he retires. Who knows what the future holds for him ?.
I dont think anyone will ever have the influence on cycling like he did. His battle with illness and comeback was just truly amazing.

Like I say not the greatest ever rider for me but certainly one of the best.

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