Friday, 18 February 2011

Its not all cols and sunflowers

This is a cracking picture. Taken during last years Tour of the Battenkill. Cycling can be for most people a little bit like tennis. They tune in during the Tour and then some only watch the riders going up the mountain stages. I prefer to watch the early season races like the northern classics. I suppose its the rough weather that appeals.
Coming home covered in mud with the bike filthy is part of the attraction for me. The suffering of both man and machine is very evident in this picture as the riders roll through the Battenkill Valley.
Some people ask me why ride a hundred miles in the wind and rain. My answer is simply because I can and it makes me feel truly alive.

So hopefully my ride tommorow will be as hard as this one in the picture.

Mind a tailwind for the final 20 miles will be nice


  1. careful what you wish for ;) have a lovely snow ride!

  2. Ah you clearly saw the weather forecast. I cycled to bakewell then crossed to ashbourne in snow conditions through the slush. It was very wet and cold. I managed 70 miles and coming up the last climb back to ilson my mum and dad past me in there landrover. That got me moving and i hammered it back.
    Thats as cold as it gets on a bike.
    Hard work but brilliant as i saw no other roadie all day.
    The climb up to longcliffe was awsome. Like a river coming down the road.

    Winter riding def toughens the body and mind. But roll on summer