Monday, 7 February 2011

Mickleden Straddle Fell Race

At nearly 14miles and just shy of 2000ft this would be the longest distance I have raced for a good while.
Starting at Langsett Barn the route takes you through the woods and up onto Mickleden Edge before climbing up the Cut Gate Path to Cut Gate End. Conditions were extremely windy on the climb with gusts of over 40/50mph easy. Once over Cut Gate conditions didnt improve until we arrived at Checkpoint 2 near Slippery Stones. I spent most of the race swapping places with a lone Ellsmere Port runner as we shared the work in the wind. When you get to checkpoint 3 you start the steep climb up to Howden Clough but the wind was now behind us. We trudged over to Checkpoint 4 and traversed Upper Hey back towards a seriously windy Cut Gate. from this point the tail wind blew us back over the technical terrain back down towards Langsett.
The run back down was a blur but I enjoy technical descents and managed to pull back two places but the leaders were long gone by the time I reached the Fjord and the little climb through the woods.

The run back along the track dragged a bit and my Cap blew off on the final bend but I was not about to run back for it as I was shattered. I run into the finish funnel in 6th position.
A lovely spread of food was waiting in Langsett Barn provided by the club hosting the event, Denby Dale Travellers.
Soup, Tea, Coffee, Cakes and Sandwiches for all the finishers.
A couple of the Pennine throng recieved prizes in their categories which was nice as its always good to see a Pennine runner collecting a prize in Dark peak country.
So another good race. Onto the next one which I am not sure what that will be yet.


  1. Daz, it was a stunning performance and time that you clocked in those conditions, I was in awe when I checked the board at the end. It was me that tapped you on the hand at the beginning and said hi, don't think you recognised me though! Well done mate.

  2. Another great run Daz - nice one.

  3. Heather's out early this year daz!

  4. Well that wasnt a laid back effort was it? :) I have just read Simons account of the race which I think shines the torch on how difficult mother nature was being with you all.....and certainally nothing like the pretty heather picture that Derby Tup also points out haha. To finish the race in those conditions is brilliant to finish 6th is fantastic but what is even more amazing is how your cap managed to stay on you till the final bend!!! :P