Sunday, 27 February 2011

James Thorn Fell Race

A cracking little race today. 5 miles and over 1500ft easy. A very tough climb but enjoyable as it was technical in places. Id never run up this track before so was a little weary going up it. Des the race organiser had flagged it well and no one was going to get lost today despite a bit of clag and wind on the top. I hammered the descent and really let go. The little track back up to the A57 hurt a bit but then it was just a matter of running the last quarter mile back down the road to the pub.
The Royal Oak made for a nice race HQ. As usual brilliantly organised and well run by Des and his team of helpers.
4th place for me and a bottle of red wine. I even managed a Vanilla Latte on the way home.

The A57 snake pass,not to be taken lightly.

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