Monday, 8 November 2010

Cop Hill Fell Race

This race I had never even heard of never mind done before so I made the trip up to Meltham nr Holmfirth. A two lap affair and I think I came 6th. The start was ultra fast as every runner tried to get to the first stile at the front. This meant that loads of runners simply ran off to quick and were soon in oxygen debt up the first climb.
You basically run up to Cop Hill then back down to Meltham and do it all again. The second lap seemed easier simply because I knew what was coming and I had a good battle with the 1st lady who was a Holmfirth runner. I nearly went wrong running back up the track to the finish but finally made it. A good lungbuster of a race. Very quick and maybe not quite felly enough for a true fellrunner but there wasn,t much else on this week so Cop Hill it was.

Photos thanks to Flaming Photography, well done guys , good pictures and like I say I will purchase them for my scrapbook.

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