Saturday, 30 October 2010

Great Whernside Fell Race

Yet another new race for me. Ive run the route three times but never raced it. So I made the trip up to the Yorkshire Dales to Kettlewell for the start. Pete Jebb organises this one and basically its a straight up and down course. A steep start for the first part but then it tapers out before going over Dow Crag and then on upside to the summit. I started steady and ran a good race to the top. Dont really remember a lot about the down as its just really a blur. I blasted down to the finish funnel and was told I was 6th place. Its a pity the descent isnt all rock mind.
But I was pleased with the result as Im still climbing well. Will certainly be back for this one again. A diet coke in the pub with a few of my mates from the world of fellrunning then straight back home. The scenery today was amazing. A clear day in the Dales. What more could anyone want

Kettlewell is a lovely village. The Racehorses Pub does good beer Im told and also excellent Steak.

Kilnsey Crag. Last time I passed this I was heading the other way on my bike to Grassington.

Flying to to the finish.

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  1. Kettlewell is probably my favourite Dales village. You look strong on the photo daz

    Andrew (DT)