Sunday, 24 October 2010

Passing the Clouds

Well last year I was ill when this race was on so I couldnt race it properly. This time around I had secretly been thinking that I would race it flat out. I decided to rest for two days and not run. On Friday night I cycled 52miles in double quick time and felt really good. A top runner once told me that once you come into form you should make good use of it as it wont last very long. So on the start line after a good pre race warm up I just thought go for it and see what happens. I have run around this area for years and know it very well so route choice wasnt going to affect me. Strange though as after a couple of minutes running I was slightly adrift of the front half dozen runners. But I knew the pace was fast and just kept at it. At the top of the first climb I had pulled a couple of runners back and could see the leaders in front quite a way ahead.
Now the dilema. I realised I was in third place which at this stage meant go for it or play the waiting game and go round with the others and help each other. The race isnt that far at just 10miles and I thought if I could get to the top of the Roaches on the second big climb I would be okay. I only looked back once at the trig point on the Roaches and saw nobody behind me. The technical downhill sections are my favourites and I blasted along the ridge and down to the gate and started the climb up to Hen Cloud. This took only a few minutes then all that was left to do was hot foot it back to base. I took a few risks on the descent off of CHICKEN HILL as a fellow fellrunner described it. CHICKEN HILL I kid you not. That made me laugh.
Yes I did fall but all too soon the finish appeared and I had come third. So I will take that one and hope the form last's a bit longer yet.
A great race. I love the Roaches.

The picture below is the climb up to Hen Cloud
Someone said it was called CHICKEN HILL. Does it look like a chicken ???

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  1. Nice report Daz. This is a local one for me, so I know the race pretty well. I hope your form continues.