Friday, 26 November 2010

Thank god thats over

Ask a lot of Fellrunners as they run into the finish of a race and they will probably say never again, yet ten minutes later they will already be thinking hmmm just maybe I will do that one again and a further five minutes after that they will have convinced themselves they are coming back the following year. Last week at the Rivock Edge race I had a good run and another top ten finish and I thought this was my 200th fell race. I was wrong it was my 201st fellrace. So for 201 times I have thought never again yet most races Ive done more than once or twice. Some Ive done every year since I started fellracing.
Its that ability to forget the lows of a race and remember the highs. Hopefully I will experience it hundreds more times. I currently am blogging this whilst I have a fever. I wont say Manflu.
So its time for a few days off. Thats going to be hard. With Badger giving me that lets go for a run look every five minutes.

Great Whernside finish ( Never Again)
An hour after that I was thinking this is one of the best fellraces EVER

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