Thursday, 18 November 2010

Leg It Round Lathkill Fell Race

Wel after a few days on non stop rain and no dry fell shoes I ventured up to Over Haddon to do yet another new race. The Lathkill Hotel provides the start for the annual Leg It Round Lathkill Fell Race which takes you down the valley, along the river, up some steps, over some fields, down a track, back down the river, then finally up some steep climbs at the end. Not quite that simple and it was a really tough race and very fast. I gave it my all and finished well placed again but had to really work for it.
The Lathkill Hotel makes for a good registration venue and they had some nice cakes laid on at the finish. Normally I would have done the Roaches Fell Race but too many years doing the same ones have given me the urge to try and do as many new ones as possible.
The race reminded me of Sheldon with that steep descent at the start. Some said it was an upside down fell race, I just thought it was too damm fast.

A good race and I am starting to get to my goal of nearly completing all of the Peak District Fell Races.
Oh and I can recommend the onion soup in the Pub. It was a really cold day and yet again my hands suffered badly in the cold. Before the race I could hardly move them. Over the last 2 years they have become unbearable in the colder months. I know that in years to come I am going to suffer. Possibly to many years working with angle grinders or I may have Reynauds Sydrome.
Thank god for hand warmers
It seems I am going to have to visit my GP about my hands

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  1. Good running Daz. Unfortunately I was nursing a FTOP hangover so didn't get over. Get the hands checked out mate, I used to go out with a girl that had Reynaud's and she really struggled with it at times.