Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Masson Hill Fell Race

Last night was the first Masson Hill Fell Race. There are many of these little midweek races in the Peak district but not many new ones crop up. This was in aid of the Matlock Pavillion which is trying to be saved. The Derwent Valley is very steep. Its a gorge really. So billed as an A short it had a fair amount of climbing in it, although I didn't think it was too bad and was certainly all runnable. Numbers were pretty good at around a 120 and it made for a good night. The organisers were trialling a new dibber system which I was told will be used on the Welsh 1000mtr race. It seemed to work well and time will tell. As routes go the race was pretty good. Topping out on Masson Hill which I think once had a trig but it is now definitely missing sadly. A blast back down to the Pavillion in around half an hour. Young Jack Ross won the race with Tom Wild second. I managed 3rd and first Vet40. Stef Curtis had a good race and was first Lady back. A good race and I am sure it will become a regular Peak District Fell Race on the calendar.


  1. Hi Daz
    Where are the midweek Peak races promoted/advertised? I'm thinking of doing some.
    Hope you're ok, sounds like you're running well.
    Cheers Colin

  2. Hey colin hows it going
    You need to go on the fra fellrunners website. They are advertised on there. You can join the fra for a few quid.
    You will get a race calendar and 4 x fellrunner magazines a year.
    If i get chance i will post a list on here.
    Yes im running pretty well.
    Ive not joined ilkeston this year for a couple of reasons. Shame but thats how it goes.

    1. Jac Hasn't joined either for a few reasons. I'm not doing hardly any mileage as working on the Brinsley wreck. I'm down to do the hilly 100 but it won't be quick. I will check out the FRA hopefully I will get to a few mid week races . I'm also trying to do the accelerater series.

  3. Im thinking about running Masson Hill this year but pretty new to fell runs so worried about coping with it! Ive done Lads Leap and Burbage Skyline- is it any worse than either of them?!!