Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Made in Northampton

I dont purchase shoes very often. But I do get through many pairs of fell shoes. Even though I am a pretty neutral runner and do not destroy shoes like some runners do I probably get through 4 or 5 pairs a year. They take a lot of punishment.
A couple of my everday shoes needed replacing and years ago I always had English shoes but then changed and went away from them in favour of what was probably trendy at the time.
I was determined to buy English this time around. Now I estimate that you probably will pay £200/£300 for some hand made English shoes, but that I will get ten years out of them.
Innov8 fell shoes are now in the region of £90. They wont last more than 3 months.
Is it quality or just the fact that fell shoes get so much hammer.
One thing I know is this, fellrunning isnt a cheap sport anymore.

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