Monday, 23 April 2012

Anniversary Waltz Fell Race

Every year I target this race because its such a brilliant event. It gets no easier though but I have always tried to improve my time at The Waltz.
Last year I clocked about 1hr 47mins and really was looking to go under 1 hr 45. Alas I didnt quite make it by only a few seconds, but as I left the village hall I had a smile and then reminded myself that its only a fell race.
I had a good battle at the start with a couple of other runners that I usually race with and just managed to pull away as we went up the first climb of Robinson. You now start to pick up runners that are doing the longer harder Teenager With Altitude race that runs alongside the Waltz. They look exhausted as you skip past them. Reality is that they are doing double the climb in that race. 3600ft in the Waltz and 7500ft in the Teenager race.
As I ticked off Hindscarth I was alone and it stayed that way for the rest of the route. Dale Head, High Spy, across Maiden Moor then a blast off Catbells and down back to the field.
I came 6th

Another Waltz race done

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  1. Daz,

    What can I say! Your bloody immense!

    I need to get a t-shirt saying "Daz H is my hero"